Celebrations, Family, Reunions & Love Lessons

I absolutely love family reunions.  Every moment is exciting to me.  From the planning of daily events, to the packing for the travel, to the journey to our destination, to the weekend of family, food and fun, to the hugs and sharing of last laughs, “I love you” and “keep in touch” shout outs as we all travel our separate ways, family reunions are GREAT & I LOVE THEM!

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They are enriched with history, love, hope and future.  From the generations of women gathered together in the kitchen sharing family recipes and passing on advice, to the generations of men talking about life and football over the grill, and the carefree kids running around and playing, my heart soars at the very idea.

Couple that with a celebration and you have a PARTAY!

And that’s just what happened…

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a part of a surprise celebration for my grandparents’ 75th and 80th birthdays.



My family gathered together to honor the matriarch and patriarch of this family, who has been blessed with such wonderful years and who has blessed each of us in one way or another along their journey in life.

As I sat there in my seat watching all of us interact with one another, seeing the young and the old, listening to the sounds of laughter, the clanging of glasses, tales from back in the day and the kids of the generations to come squealing with joy as the got to know and played with each other, I realized that I really love my family…. Flawed and all.

And I wouldn’t change them for the world.

In so many ways, my family has made me who I am..

But the biggest thing I realized is that they’ve taught me and they still are teaching me how to love.  This cluster of people has taught me and is teaching me how to work my love out.  This is where my love has and still is getting its exercise.  This is where my heart learned when to push, when to pull, when to go harder and when to fold.  Here in this family, I learned to love through the imperfections; to give more love when I saw that it was needed and to ask for more love whenever I needed.  I’ve learned what to do and what not to do with my heart.


My family has and still is teaching me how to be intentional with my love; how to be deliberate with my love.  They are teaching me how to be patient when it comes to loving them and others; and how to love when its difficult.

My family is my gym, obstacle course and training ground for my love.

And because of them I’ve learned and am learning how to love better and how to love wholeheartedly.

What do you think? Is your family a place where you learn to work out your love?  What love lessons has your family taught you?


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